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How does one begin to fall in love with food? Holiday meals at Gramma’s? Warm grains on a cold morning before school? Green beans fresh from the garden? Yes, yes, yes.

Many of my childhood memories involve food- I can’t place exactly when it became a language of love. Decades later my kids expect to be fed a steady diet of love and can’t understand why others don’t receive, and appreciate, the same.

Snowmageddon 2019 caught many people without a stocked pantry. My local hotspot for quality foods was full of customers and empty of staples, so I put back my single purchase, a loaf of roasted garlic artisan bread, and Stock Your Larder was born. We would eat only what was in the house for the next 8 days. My rural Montana upbringing would come in handy as we feasted on jarred jams, stew meat, chutneys and pickles, alongside commercial sized stocks of grains, beans and honey. An over-wintered garden of herbs and a large stockpile of meat and hand-harvested berries in the freezer rounded it all out.

Stock Your Larder has since evolved into a labor of love, sharing all my homemade goods with you for an all-natural, beautifully presented larder. #jointhemovement

Eat well, my friends.


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